Knowing when to repaint is easy, deciding what color to choose is the dilemma. Wall color is generally the determining factor in the feel of a room and what decor will work with it. Selecting the wrong color or even the wrong shade can leave you feeling unsatisfied with everything. It is frustrating, a waste of time and can be very costly in the end if the color is unacceptable and you need to start over. Here are some tips to help you pick the right color for every room, every time.

Know What you Like

The truth is, color matters. Science has proven that color plays an important role in helping humans to feel relaxed, energized and even hungry. Think about the places where you feel the happiest, in your home or elsewhere, and those where you are the least at ease. Look around your home at the items you love and see if there are any colors which continuously appear in those items, chances are those are the colors which speak to you most.

Avoid Trends

The easiest way to dislike a room color the fastest is to do what the trendsetters on home design shows tell you to do. For proof, think of pink bathrooms, avocado appliances and mauve and blue kitchens. If you really love something, than how dated it looks will not matter, but in most instances selecting colors which can be paired with a variety of patterns and shades will allow you to update with accessories rather than needing to repaint.

Talk to the Experts

If you just cannot decide what to do, talk to a painting contractor. Not only can they make suggestions, they will have an enormous array of colors at their disposal for you to consider. Experts like Gallagher Paint & Paper work with these products all the time. They will be able to advise on what to consider for each room as well as how the shades you like will work with the lighting, furnishings and current decor in each room.

Paint is the fastest way to change the entire feeling of a room. It makes a room look fresh, clean and updated, all at a reasonable price. Take the time to decide what you want and hire a professional to help you do the job right.

Paint Colors: Making the Right Choice