What Are The Benefits Of Argan Oil? Argan oil is extracted from the nut of the fruit of the argan tree. These trees, which are found in Morocco, can live up to 150-200 years. They only start producing fruit once they’re about 30 to 50 years old. Argan trees are situated in very limited locations, making the oil quite rare. Argain oil has been introduced to the global market as a health and beauty product within several recent years. And has been growing in popularity since. But if you belong to the few people who haven’t tried argan oil yet, you probably have several questions. Everyone raves about the benefits argan oil provides, but what are they exactly? Where do you purchase it and what’s the best way to use it? Read on to find out all the answers.
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What Are The Beauty Benefits You Can Get From Using Argan Oil?
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It’s popular for its natural ultra-hydrating power. It’s absolutely one of the very best beauty products for you especially if you are a major fan of natural beauty products and if you have sensitive skin. It’s not like any other beauty product with harsh chemicals that can ultimately damage your skin or hair. Argan oil is a potent ingredient which means a little amount goes a long way and can easily be incorporated with your beauty regimen. or your hair, argan oil can boost moisture and sheen to dry, damaged hair, it’s also a great product to eliminate frizz. For overall treatment, use argan oil while your hair is still moist, or apply it on the ends if you simply want to smoothen out flyways. If you’re suffering from dry scalp, apply some argan oil using a cotton ball and dab it on your scalp. Do this before you go to bed so you will be able to give your scalp plenty of time to soak up the moisture before you shower the next day. For your face, argan oil can be applied directly. It might seem a bit counterintuitive especially if you have oily skin – it goes against what a lot of skincare companies have taught us all these years. What sets argan oil apart is that is can balance out your skin’s natural oil production, not only can make it look radiant, it can completely transform it. It has hydrating properties – great cure for wrinkles as it plump up the skin. You can use it with your daily layer of SPF. For your body, argan oil is a good full body moisturizer, you can apply it just as you would apply a body lotion or cream. For the best moisturizing results, apply it right after taking a shower and while your skin is still moist.

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