It used to be thought that to get a good cup of espresso, one needed to travel to Italy. There, amidst the atmosphere of great food, wine and coffee, serious travelers could find exactly what they were looking for. Before long, coffee cafes were popping up all over the United States and North America. Here, anyone could order a cup of espresso served up just the way they liked it. While the barista behind the counter definitely got the orders correct, their patrons needed to shell out several dollars each time they needed an espresso fix.

Going out for espresso can get expensive. This is why buying an espresso maker for the home is such an affordable idea. After the initial expense, an espresso machine can sit on a kitchen counter or home bar ready to make coffee one cup at a time. There are, however, dozens of makes, models and brands of espresso makers on the market today. The decision is not when to buy one, but which machine will meet one’s requirements.

Looking for these machines can get complicated. Any housewares or cooking store has dozens of them sitting on the shelf. Each machine has its own features and is known by a different name. While their boxes may have some information, it is not really enough for consumers to make a sound choice.

Helping espresso lovers to find the perfect machine that meets their needs are the web pages of This website has a myriad of brands from Nuova-Simonelli to Breville the Oracle. Each entry is represented by clear photographs and concise descriptive passages. In addition, every machine is reviewed by actual users. They contribute pros, cons and tips for using these machines to the best of their capabilities.

What this website does best is let espresso lovers compare notes on the best machines for making it themselves. Espresso machine entries contain a price range, so consumers can find one that is within their allotted budget. If an espresso lover does not need many additional bells and whistles, there is no reason they should pay for features they will rarely use.

Nothing Tastes Better Than A Good Cup of Espresso