Mount Whitney or Bust – My first camping trip within the Sierra –

In 1952 I had been 19 coupled with formerly made just one overnight backpack camping visit to North Fork campground in Santa Anita Canyon using the Boy Scouts. Used to do possess a little hiking experience under my belt coupled with hiked Mt. Wilson and a few other local peaks, however i was definitely not in great condition or ready for which the following day or two will bring. However I was youthful.

We met up, my buddies from PCC — Peter Stephens, John Way, Ken Nichols — and myself and left Pasadena 8 p.m. Friday evening in Peter’s old paneled truck. Eventually Mojave using its infamous Whites Restaurant made an appearance so we stopped for supper. About 11:30 p.m. we showed up at Whitney Portal, put our old sleeping-bags on the floor creating a makeshift campground from just a little space near the truck, and attempted to obtain some shuteye.

I’d no tent, stove, or prepared food– only snacks along with a can of Dintymoor Stew. For sleeping I’d lent a classic, worn-out World war 2 sleeping bag. I strapped all of this on the string backpack I’d made whilst in the Boy Scouts.

‘life was imple’ all of us had a little to consume, got our backpacks along with other camping gear together, after a late start finally started hiking in the Mount Whitney trail.. When we arrived at Muir Lake it had been late mid-day and also the group slowed down lower and started to start. I had been ahead and forged on. When I arrived at Consultation Lake, no relaxation from the group was at sight. I later discovered they’d all camped at Muir Lake. I proceeded on in the famous 96 switchbacks, wishing to obtain a better view and find out the relaxation of my buddies.

I finally stopped lengthy at night and spent Saturday evening at Trail Crest, directly on the way. At 13,333 there isn`t not rocks and individuals rocks not so comfortable, particularly without any pad to rest on. A while throughout the evening there is an incomplete eclipse from the moon off within the southwest. I woke up Sunday to individuals walking over me and worrying about my obstructing the way. Had some cold granola in the morning after which headed on to the trail. The hike from Trail Crest towards the summit was spectacular, with sights of the entire Sierra spread to free airline, and also the Owens Valley and so the Inyo Mountain tops towards the east. Telescope Peak in Dying Valley was clearly visible. This area of the hike could have been simple enough aside from the skinny air which made oxygen difficult to find.

Once in the summit I signed the log book and loved the vista and all sorts of awesome scenery. After waiting a few hrs in my buddies I began to fret and thus headed lower the way and lastly met track of them about midway lower the switchbacks

Returned to Whitney Portal about noon and also got just a little relaxation. My buddies finally straggled within 6 p.m. so we going to home, tired but very satisfied.

Mount Whitney or Bust
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