No one really wants mice scurrying around their homes unless they purchased them at a pet store. However, that does not mean that everyone is willing to drop some mouse traps and poison to eradicate the problem. If you are someone who does not want to kill the mice to get them out of your house, there are more humane solutions. In fact, there are a number of different humane mouse traps that will allow you to capture the little critters without harming them.

The Havahart Humane Mouse Trap

Most people refer to this as the have-a-heart mouse trap because it is easier to say. This trap is ideal if you are someone who does not want the mice in your home anymore, but cannot even consider hurting them. The trap is set up so the mouse can enter from either side when it gets a smell of the bait on the table. Once the mouse is all the way inside, the doors will seal on both sides trapping the mouse inside without hurting it. The only downside to this trap is you might need more than one if you have a lot of mice in your home as it can only catch them one at a time.

The Smart Mouse Trap

A lot of people like the smart mouse trap because of its visual appeal. You can have one of these in your home and not feel bad about someone seeing it. It is made out of a transparent green plastic and it looks like a little mouse house. Some people have reported that this trap is difficult to use and a smart mouse is going to chew their way out of it. Some people also find it mean that the mouse never actually gets to eat the bait inside of the trap.

When you are using these traps you need to consider adding a little weight to the plate such as a dime or a penny. This is because they are not exceptionally sensitive and if you have light weight mice scurrying around your home, they might not be heavy enough to activate the traps.

More Humane Ways of Getting Rid of Mice