It is possible to have a fashionable and modern home even if you love designs that are not necessarily from the current decade, or even century. With the careful selection of certain items it is easy to evoke a feeling or personalize a space without making it look dated or old-fashioned. It is even possible to mix edgy and new with vintage-inspired designs without creating a jumble of styles. In order to achieve this, there are a few rules you need to follow.

Look for Quality

The first problem many home decorators have is when they choose items they love without paying attention to the quality. If you have spent the time and money to fill a room with well-crafted furnishings why choose discount department store accessories? No matter how great they may look on the shelf, poorly made decorative items will lose their appeal quickly and when mixed with other items of better quality will make everything look unbalanced.

Make Use of Color

You can make items from different decades and different design styles work better together by using color smartly. A single stand-out color from a vintage pattern on a sofa can be used as the color of throw pillows in a modern chair or as the color of the draperies. This makes it easier for them to look like they belong together, even if they are from different decades.

Use a Theme Sparingly

Just because you have discovered an exquisite dining table from the 1950s that does not mean you now have to have a kitchen that will make everyone feel transported to that era. Overdone retro looks quickly become boring and inconvenient. Consider stainless appliances that will match the metal legs of the table. Use appliances and accessories that match the upholstery on the chairs. This way, the table stands out as a treasured item, but the room remains welcoming to all and functional as well.

When you love retro it can be hard to know when to say no. It can also be more challenging than it is for those who are happy walking into any home furnishing shop and finding everything they love in one place. House Junkie can help, they understand retro design as well as the people who love it. Discover what they have to offer.

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