Getting your car in and out of the garage can be a hassle if the garage door does not function correctly. A defective garage door can interrupt the home security measures a homeowner has in place. It can also allow warm and cool air to escape from the residence. To keep your garage door from causing you problems, thoroughly inspect the garage door system to perform a garage door repair cypress tx.

Begin your garage door repair by reading the instructional booklet that goes with the garage door system. If you don’t have one, call the manufacturer of the garage door. Most companies will be happy to provide you with this booklet or tell you how to access it online. Also, make sure the power to the garage door system is disconnected before commencing with any work. Have the garage door closed all the way also. There should be adequate lighting available and a safe way for you to access the top portion of the garage door system.

As you inspect your garage door system, look at the tracks. These metal pieces are fastened to the garage walls with mounting brackets on either side of the exterior garage door opening. Rollers inside the track are attached to hinges on one side and the garage door on the other side. This connection allows the garage door to ascend and descend on the tracks. Ensure that there are not any blockages hindering the movement of the garage door. Small toys, garage door hardware, and other items can stop a garage door from moving. Further inspect the metal tracks for crimps and dents. Pound this damage out with a rubber mallet. You can also use a hammer and block of wood for this task.

Another important aspect of garage door repair is cleaning the entire garage door system. Use a household cleaner and a towel for this job. Removing grime, debris, and accumulated dirt will help the wheels move more smoothly. Once you have completed the first part of your inspection, open and close the garage door to test its mobility. Doing this will help enhance the functionality and longevity of your garage door system.

Making the Most of Your Garage Door Repair in Cypress TX