Maintaining Your High Efficiency Furnace In New England helps with keeping it going when you need it the most. Fortunately, maintenance isn’t nearly as challenging as making most furnace repairs. Practicing maintenance will get easier with time. When you first start learning about maintenance, you’ll have to find out where furnace parts are located. That’s really the most difficult part of the entire routine. Once you know you have the right part, it’s simply a matter of cleaning it or checking connections. You’ll want to make sure you put safety first. Power must be stopped from coming to the furnace. Stopping the power at the circuit breaker works for this purpose. Don’t take chances with gas leaks if you have a gas furnace. You’re risking serious injury or worse. Contact an HVAC tech if you notice a overpowering smell of gas.

Air filters serve the functional purpose of trapping debris and other things that might enter your furnace if they aren’t prevented from doing so. When these things are allowed entry into a furnace, malfunctions can happen. Also, debris can be distributed through the home via ductwork. Allergies can be aggravated when air filters are allowed to stay contaminated. It’s highly recommended that you replace the air filter at least twice a year. So where can the air filter be found? Check behind the blower door. Manufacturers may also place air filters somewhere between the air duct and the blower assembly. When you replace the filter, remember which direction it was pointing in when you remove it.

Your battle against dirt, grime, and debris that can cause furnace malfunctions doesn’t stop with the air filter. No maintenance job is complete without making sure the furnace itself is clean. Detailed cleaning and filter replacement can be done at the same time. You’ll recognize belts when you see them. Clean them off. The blower assembly needs to be cleaned with a lint-free cloth. Does this maintenance routine sound to messy for you? Don’t worry. You’re not the only one who feels maintenance is too messy. That’s why some people prefer to have HVAC tech do their maintenance for them. You can arrange the service when you get your furnace inspected.

Maintaining Your High Efficiency Furnace In New England The Easy Way