Comparing Electronic Cigarettes to Tobacco Cigarettes Since the introduction of e-cigarettes, the rate of tobacco smoking has gone down. Research shows that more and more people are more interested in vaping compared to old fashioned tobacco cigarettes. The e-cigarette provides a better choice for those seeking an alternative to tobacco smoking. The rise in popularity is because the e-cigarette eliminates the disadvantages that smoking cigarettes causes. The nicotine in the e cigs is less compared to that found in tobacco cigarette sticks. This is the substance in the tobacco that gives the user a high, or a buzz. The nicotine is also responsible for the addiction to tobacco smoking. E cigarettes, have less nicotine in them while some do not have any at all. They are, therefore, effective in helping former cigarette smokers reduce or even stop smoking completely. Another reason why vaping is popular is that it does not affect your social life. The vapor from the e-cigarette has no smell. You can buy the e-liquid in a number of flavors, and these have a nice scent. Your neighbors will not be disturbed by the smoke, and this is one of the greatest advantages. The scents soon disappears once you have stopped smoking, unlike the cigarette. This way, your clothes, cars, or you home won’t smell of tobacco. E cigarettes help you create better first impressions with individuals that frown upon tobacco.
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The vapor produced by the e-cigarette is also much safer compared to the smoke traditional cigarettes emit. Tobacco smoke contains tar and other chemicals that make them a serious threat to your health. The lungs of a cigarette smoker suffer the most. Tobacco smoking is linked to throat cancer, lung cancer or even cancer of the mouth. There are also many other illnesses that smoking a cigarette can put you at risk of contracting. Vaping gives you a chance to enjoy the same activity without the health risk. Since the vapor does not contain these harmful chemicals, the risk to your health is minimal. You can avoid getting sick or even premature death by switching to e-cigarettes.
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You can save money if you use e-cigarettes compared to those made of tobacco. As mentioned earlier, the nicotine in the cigarettes is very addictive. Some individuals may use more than a pack of cigarettes every twenty-four hours. Due to high taxation these cigarettes are not cheap and over time, you might end up spending a fortune. On the other hand, e-cigarettes have a replaceable cartridge. Once you have depleted any of them; you can replace them. It is very easy to find the e-liquid online or from your local e-cigarette vendor. This is the liquid used to make the vapor. The e-cigarette is also very convenient. There fewer restrictions regarding where you can use them. As they do not burn with a flame, they cannot light a fire in case you are close to flammable material. With an e-cigarette, you do not have to carry a cigarette lighter. You just have to flip a switch, and you can enjoy a smoke.

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