Reasons why you should Move to Spain
While planning for your big move, one of the places you may want to consider is Spain. It is among the best places you can settle in. Below are some of the great things that Spain has to offer.
The first thing you will find quite enjoyable while in Spain is their incredible culture. You will learn more about their history from the literature and the masterpieces found in at the well-known Prado museum. As you get to know more about Spanish culture, you will find it easy to even learn their language. The health care system in Spain is ranked among the top around the globe. You can choose between public and private healthcare. They also have the best medical facilities including highly skilled medical personnel.
You may have heard about business closing at a certain period in Spain. It is called the Siesta times and are normally between 2pm o 5pm. The people spend this time relaxing. Traditionally, siesta times were meant for workers to break from their duties and have a rest. They used this time to shelter from the hot sun and heat. This has remained a popular aspect of the Spanish culture today. You will spend more time with the siestas once you settle in Spain.
Another thing you will enjoy once you move to Spain is their delicious cuisine. One of the will known meals is paella. It involves mixing of yellow rice with meat, tomatoes, onions and peas which are then cooked in a big saucepan. You will also find some of the best wines across the world in Spain. Moving to Spain also means a year-round fun and entertainment. For instance, there are more of fun fiestas which you will love. Some of them include La Tomatina and running of the bulls.
Another reason why you should consider moving to Spain is the favorable weather. It has experiences mild temperatures all year round. You can expect more than 300days of sunshine. Thus, avoid the winter seasons, Spain would be the most favorable place. The people of Spain are very friendly and welcoming. Despite your age or culture, they would still have maximum respect for you. You will surely feel comfortable living around the country.
In Spain, travel is quite easy. This is because they have in place enough train lines and buses. You will find it much convenient moving around the country. There are also ports and air routes for travelling outside the country. Last bit not least, you will love the affordable cost of living in Spain.

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