A garage door helps keep a home insulated year-round. This movable structure also serves to complement the exterior of the home to enhance the residence’s aesthetic and market value. When a garage door system is defective, it compromise the integrity of a home’s security measures. To ensure the functionality and longevity of a garage door, it’s important to perform garage door repair cypress in a prompt matter.

To start your garage door repair, learn about the components of your garage door system and how they work together. The two main parts of a garage door are the garage door itself and the garage door opener. You may have a manual garage door opener or an electric one. Both can require attention during a repair. A garage door ascends and descends on tracks attached to either side of the garage door opening with mounting brackets. The garage door is connected rollers with hinges.

Start your inspection of your garage door by disconnected the power to it. If you will be using a ladder, make sure it’s on a dry, level surface. View the metal tracks inside the garage. Use a level to ensure their proper alignment. The horizontal part of the tracks should be slant slightly down towards the interior of the garage. The vertical portion of the tracks should be plumb. If the tracks are not at the same height. Loosen the mounting brackets to make them even. The mounting brackets should be securely fastened to the wall with screws or bolts. It’s advisable to use a rubber mallet to strike the tracks to repair any imperfections such as crimps or dents.

The tracks a garage door uses should be clean and free of hindrances. Check the tracks to make sure there are no obstacles keeping the door from moving up and down. Use a household cleaner and towel to clean the tracks. You will also need to tighten any loose hardware so the door operates correctly. If the door still fails to move, it may be necessary to contact a garage door repair company so qualified technicians can handle the job.

Learning About Garage Door Repair in Cypress