In the past, decking was typically built from solid wood, which offered durability and beauty, but also called for ongoing maintenance. Sanding, painting, and staining were required for these decks to stay in good shape. This meant a lot of work for the homeowner. Fortunately, times have changed, and there are now more materials available to build decks. Through composite decking, homeowners can have the beauty of a wood deck, without the time-consuming maintenance.

Composite materials are made from a mixture of wood and plastic. Wood chips, sawdust and wood fibers are mixed with recycled or virgin plastic. Manufacturers often mix in pigments and protectants to keep the composite materials strong and in good shape. This mixture is heated to melt down the plastic so it can blend with the wood. It is then placed in molds so boards can be made.

Once cooled composite boards become strong. Though not quite as strong as solid wood, they work perfectly for decking materials. Most homeowners choose composite materials so they will not have to hassle with maintenance tasks. This material never rots warps or splinters. Homeowners never have to worry about sealing the composite material with protectant, so it stays looking and performing beautifully for many years to come.

To ensure this type of decking stays solid and damage-free, homeowners are encouraged to keep their decks as clean as possible. Sweeping the deck can help to remove debris that may cause damage. Leaves should be removed so they do not cause wetness to stay on top of the composite material.

When choosing composite materials for a deck, it is important to check with the professionals. There are both hollow and solid applications to choose from. These types vary in expense and durability. A contractor or flooring expert can assist you in making sure you are choosing the right composite material for your needs.

If you are a homeowner who does not enjoy the maintenance a regular wood deck brings, ask about composite materials. These materials will give you the beautiful look of a solid wood deck without the need for ongoing maintenance and expense.

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