When you are getting your roof worked on, you may have to work with roofers at some point during the project. While most roofers operate under strict business principles and are honest, some are not. To guard against an unscrupulous roofer, learn about the parts of a roofing system and how to estimate roofing materials. You will be able to compare your estimate to the roofer’s estimate to ensure the legitimacy of it.

First, find the square footage of your roofing system. Do this by finding the square footage of each individual plane. Measure the length and width of each part of the roof. Multiply these two dimensions together to arrive at the square footage of a single plane. Add the square footage of all the planes together. This figure is the square footage of your entire roofing system.

You can use this to figure out how much roofing material you will need. Look online and at home centers for the prices of these materials. Since many roofers buy these materials wholesale directly from the manufacturer, garner information about these prices as well.

There are many roof types but most have the same basic components:

Roof structure
Deck or Sheathing
Roof Covering

The first part of a roofing system is the roof structure. This is comprised of beams that form the structure of the roof. Drainage features added to the roof’s structure in addition to the roof’s shape, design, and slope work together to drain water of the rooftop.

The deck or sheathing of a roof consists of panels of wood or other material conducive to added support of the roofing system. The underlayment serves to protect the deck or sheathing from water and unwanted substances. It is usually made of felt paper or synthetic material. The roof covering can be the choice of the homeowner. Shingles, slates, or tiles are popular choices. The flashing of a roofing system provides the weatherproofing necessary to keep moisture and outdoor elements out of a home. It’s used to deflect water from seams and joints. For more information, please visit www.roofing4houston.com.

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