If you are heading for college and are going to be living in a dorm room, you already know how limited your space is going to be. You may also have heard how many people gain weight their first year in college, from grabbing quick snacks between classes, snacking on unhealthy food late at night while studying and not having the advantage of mom’s cooking. If you are also someone that enjoys making and drinkings great tasting, healthy smoothies, you can avoid that freshman weight gain, enjoy your smoothies any time you want one and still have plenty of space in your room.

Instead of wasting space and money on a full size blender, what you can do is get a ninja personal blender. This small blender takes up almost no space at all, yet can do most things a large blender can. It can smoothly blend pieces of harder fruit, like apples, as well as it can fruit such as bananas, berries or oranges. If you are someone that likes to get some greens in their smoothies, you can add some spinach or small pieces of kale. While this, like other blenders doesn’t juice vegetables, it can smoothly blend them in your drink so that you don’t have to do any chewing to get great nutrition.

The container is perfect for a one-person serving. Since it doesn’t have to be able to pull fruit down from the top of a large container, the blending takes less than twenty seconds or so. The motor is quieter than large blenders, and you run it for such a short amount of time, that it won’t bother your fellow dorm mates. When you are done, just give the container a quick wash in the sink, and it is ready for the next use. This blender is small enough to tuck away on a bookshelf, yet it is still powerful enough to mix drinks for you that have full size ice cubes. This is something some small blenders just can’t do.

Make it easy on yourself and keep an eye on your weight by skipping some of those unhealthy snacks. Just keep some fruit in your small dorm refrigerator and make a healthy smoothie that will give you the nutrients you need to keep studying, within minutes, any time you feel the need.

Just the Right Blender for Your Dorm Room