The foundation of any building is crucial for its stability and strength. If a building’s foundation is failing or becoming damaged, damage will slowly begin to occur to the building. A home that sits on a damaged foundation could eventually collapse if the foundation damage becomes severe enough. It is vital homeowners inspect their foundation on a regular basis and have any repair issues fixed before major damages occur in their home.

The signs of foundation issues in a home include:

  • The mortar between the bricks of a brick foundation may begin to crack into stairstep cracks. If a concrete foundation is present, the cracks may run symmetrically. While tiny cracks are normal, these should be monitored to ensure they do not enlarge.
  • If water is pooling in the basement and crawlspace area of a home, this could be a sign of a damaged foundation that is allowing water in. The longer this is allowed to continue, the more damage will occur. This problem can be repaired with foundation repair services.
  • When the foundation is damaged, the doors and windows of a home will often not shut as they once did or may even become stuck. This occurs due to shifts in the foundation.
  • Buckling in the flooring and walls should prompt a homeowner to seek foundation repair as soon as possible. This means the foundation is shifting and it could lead to expensive damages.
  • Homeowners may notice cracks running from the corners of their windows and doors. As the foundation shifts, these cracks will become larger and could cause the window and door frames to come loose.
  • Sometimes, foundation problems can become so severe gaps begin to develop between the tops of the walls and the foundation of the roof. If one can see moonlight through the tops of the walls, it is time to call for repair.

If you are a homeowner who has noticed any of these signs of problems with your foundation, it is crucial you call for Superior Dallas Foundation Repair. With prompt repairs, the structure of your home can be fully protected. Call today for your foundation inspection so you can learn about your repair options.

Is Your Home’s Foundation Being Damaged?