Induction cooktops operate via technology that requires pots and pans that can absorb a magnetic frequency to heat up. Electronic power is transferred through a coil to create the frequency. This process does create some vibration depending on how high the heat is set. The cookware needs to be able to withstand the vibration without sliding over the cooktop or having handles become loose.

High-Quality Lasts Longer

Investing in high-quality induction cooktop pans will cost a bit more initially but is more cost-effective in the long-term. Cheap pots and pans will need replacing frequently and cost much more money over time. The cooking experience will suffer as well. Pans with some weight to them will not move around, require constant attention, or result in spills or incidents of boiling over. Handles that become loose, also due to vibration and poor manufacturing, are dangerous and can cause a big mess.

Sets or Piece by Piece?

Many people who have induction cooktops installed do not know that their current pots and pans will be useless for cooking. There are a few that may be usable but barely. Purchasing a whole set will be less expensive overall but may not fit into the budget after a kitchen renovation. Versatile pieces, such as frying pans and medium sized pots, are sold separately. Adding to the collection piece by piece will cost more but will also be easier to budget.

Be Creative

There are countless full meals that can be cooked using one large frying pan. Bake the fish or meat and saute the potatoes and vegetables together in the frying pan. Pasta dishes, frittatas, casseroles, stuffed peppers or cabbage, and many other family meals can be done in one pan. Think of how quick and easy clean-up will be after dinner. Toss leftovers in the pan and see what happens. The results may be incredible.

Put Pieces on Gift Lists

Still need a Dutch oven pan for chickens and soups? Place it on a birthday or holiday gift list. People are always asking what they can get, give them some ideas. If a large pot seems over the top, suggest induction cooking top cleaner, microfiber soft cloths, or silicone spatulas. Friends and family can pick and choose what they can afford.

Investing in High-Quality Induction Cooktop Pans