Living in warmer climates can certainly have it’s benefits such as plenty of fresh air from the abundance of plants that grow so well because of the sunshine. However, living with the heat in your favorite place can also have some disadvantages. For one thing, excess heat can make you feel tired and leave you with little energy to enjoy the day. You can fix part of the problem by drinking lots of fluid, especially water, but once the body is overheated it can be difficult to cool down. This is where air conditioned buildings become very helpful.

People have been using air conditioning in commercial settings for many decades. It started off as an enticement to lure customers to their business or as a means to preserve certain products they were selling. As people began to enjoy the cooler air at work or while shopping they decided it would be nice to enjoy that same comfort at home. Home based air conditioners come in three basic types. The first is a portable unit that can be installed in a window, but there is also a portable model that can be moved around the home with certain limitations.

The other two types of A/C use an external condensing unit to compress a refrigerant which is then cycled into an interior evaporator coil. The difference between them is how the cooled air is distributed. The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) or central air system uses a series of ducts to channel the air to the rooms while the ductless or split A/C uses separate cooling units for different areas of the home.

The major problem with any of these cooling methods is loss of efficiency as the system ages, breaks down or even becomes dirty with use. This is why ac repair new port richey is so very important. A poorly functioning A/C can waste a lot of electricity trying to keep your home cool. Sometimes the problem is something simple like a blocked coil or low refrigerant level, but the problem can also be caused by a weak condenser having to work harder as it compresses the refrigerant. Either way, the loss of efficiency is costing you a lot more money than you may realize and should be investigated before the situation gets worse.

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