Shingle Roofing is one type of roof covering. This outer layer of a Houston roofing system can be made of wood, metal, or various other materials. These rectangular, flat units are laid from the bottom edge of a roof up. Each additional row of shingles overlaps the one underneath them. This allows increased water drainage, wind resistance, and fire protection for the home the shingles are installed onto. When one or more shingles starts to deteriorate, it’s advisable to replace them promptly to avoid damage to the underlayment, sheathing, and interior of the home. Use the following steps for this task.

Before you start any roof repair, ensure that you have a sturdy ladder to climb on. Also, use fall protection gear such as a safety harness and a elongation rope when. Only work when there is ample sunlight and the weather is clear. If you have a steep roof, consider using a ladder system for added protection.

To start your shingle replacement, loosen the adhesive holding the damaged shingle down. You can use a pry bar or putty knife for this. Also, loosen the adhesive on the adjacent shingles except the shingles below the damaged shingle. Carefully use the pry bar to lift the damaged shingle about 45 to 75 degrees. With a pry bar, gently pull out all old nails used to hold the shingle in place. If any nails also go through an overlapping shingle, extract those as well.

Slowly pull out the damaged shingle. Do this using downward motion to avoid tearing the old shingle. If the shingle tears, simply remove the remaining pieces the same way. Clean the underneath of the shingle to rid the area of old adhesive. Place the new shingle where the old one was and nail it into place. Nail down the above shingle. Next, reseal the shingles into place using an adhesive of your choice. Press down on the shingles you resealed to ensure a tight, secure fit.

Replacing your roof shingles when you first notice them can save you from expensive roof repair costs. Also, installing new shingles can enhance the exterior of your home. Learning how to do this work yourself will enable you to retain the functionality of your roofing system.

How to Perform Shingle Repair on Your Roofing in Houston