If you have carpet in your home, you are going to want a good vacuum cleaner. Some people also like to use a vacuum cleaner on wood floors. Vacuum cleaners offer a pretty wide price range and they vary according to accessories and durability. If you buy a cheap vacuum cleaner it may do the job for a little while, but in the long run it may get clogged a lot and eventually stop working. Cheap vacuum cleaners don’t usually last, if they are used on a regular basis. Here are some simple things to think about when you are choosing the perfect vacuum cleaner.

Flooring- what type of flooring do you have and how often are you going to want to use your vacuum? If your home has carpets and hardwood floors, you are going to want a vacuum that is versatile.

Affordability- What can you afford? If you are on a tight budget, the best option is to buy a vacuum that is around $100 to $200 dollars. Anything below this price range isn’t going to be high quality.

Bagless or Bags- Most people prefer a bagless vacuum because they are simple to empty and you never have to buy bags. Bagless vacuums are also better for the environment. The only downside to a bagless vacuum is that they can be messy to clean. Make sure you consider how easy the vacuum you choose will be to empty.

Weight- A lighter vacuum is almost always better. If a vacuum is heavy it is going to be a pain to bring in out of rooms and to carry up stairs. The best vacuum for stairs is definitely something lightweight and small, with attachment to reach all the corners.

When choosing the perfect vacuum, you want to make sure that it meets all your needs. A great vacuum should be high quality, priced right and simple to put away. Durability is also important. Most people vacuum up things that they shouldn’t, so you want to make sure it can handle vacuuming up foreign objects. Also the suction power should be at least 12 amps. If you want the perfect vacuum, make sure that it meets all your criteria and that you do some research before you invest your money. If you do the homework, you are sure to get a great vacuum that will last.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home