Almost any list of product ratings will include a group of options near the top that are all excellent. Even on listings where an editor or a vote determines which one is considered to be the best, there are usually several that are of similar enough quality that the ratings alone don’t make it easy for you to decide among them. When you’re shopping for the best rated vacuums, you’ll need to apply your own priorities to the reviews that you find to make sure that you’re getting something that does a good job at the tasks that are most important to you.

The importance you place on maneuverability should depend on both the space where you want to use the device and how well you can get around yourself. Younger people and those with smaller spaces can often manage well with a unit that other people might find a little too unwieldy or heavy. Weight is a particularly important concern if you intend to use the vacuum on more than one floor of a home, since moving up and down stairs is far more difficult than just rolling around within a single floor. Some people address this problem by having separate cleaning supplies for each floor, but that is only a viable solution for people who can afford to spend a lot more money.

It’s also a good idea to think about what you’re going to have to do to maintain it. Many manufacturers are focusing on bagless models, which saves you from having to spend money on bags to collect the dust and dirt that the device picks up. These often have basic filters that need to be washed or replaced periodically, though. They may also include HEPA filters to cut down on the number of allergens that escapes back into a room. It’s a good idea to check how many filters are involved and how often they should need to be changed so that you know what kind of time and money you’ll have to invest to make sure that the unit you buy continues working as well as it should.

How To Choose Among The Best Vacuums