As a homeowner, you have many responsibilities for the maintenance and upkeep of your home. One of the most important things you can do for yourself and your home is making sure you have some sort of moisture control in your home. There are many companies out there that provide moisture control services. It is important to ensure that the company whom you decide to hire understands exactly what is necessary, as having a well maintained crawl space can save both time and money. This article will describe some of the options that are available to you the homeowner.

First and foremost, one of the ways to prevent moisture in the home is to have the company install an encapsulation system around your crawl space. An encapsulated crawl space is when a vapor barrier is installed to keep moisture from soil and other elements out. An encapsulation system will also help control the pest population in your home and can help control the growth of mold. Companies that provide moisture control services should offer this option to you as it is one of the best and most effective options.

The next option is having the company install what is called a conditioned crawl space. What having a conditioned crawl space means is that the air temperature is the same as the temperature in the house. This is a good option only if the crawl space shares the same heating duct work as the main dwelling of the house. An HVAC system is generally installed to condition the air. If the crawl space is too small for a proper HVAC system to be installed, a dehumidifier can be used instead. While not as popular as an encapsulation system, a conditioned crawl space will still work.

Finally, as you can see, Peeler Environmental can assist the homeowner by installing any of these options previously mentioned as well as installing foundation drains and sump pumps. If possible , having an encapsulation system installed would be best. Ensuring that you have a clean crawl space will not only assist in controlling and mold or mildew present, but that the health of you and your loved ones living in the home are not at risk because of the mold.

How Peeler Environmental can Assist in Providing Moisture Control Services