The adage, “you get what you pay for,” generally applies in this world of scaled quality competition. Yet, there is always a degree of how much something should cost. Sure, consumers can pay $500 for a toaster, but should they? Are the qualities of the toaster good enough to justify that price tag, and when does it just become a matter of comparing “good toasting” to “great toasting?” What does that mean?

So how much should a swimming pool vacuum cost? Right up front, the cost should be about $500 to $1,000. That marks a rate where consumers will get a solid vacuum without necessarily overpaying.

Obviously, there is a bit more at stake. The price typically varies on the brand, but some brands promise superior quality. That superior quality may come in the form of a faster clean cycle. The clean cycle is how long the vacuum typically takes to scan the pool. A typical clean cycle is about three hours. Some products may reach a one-hour clean cycle, such as the Dolphin Triton Plus. That feature alone could be enough to justify its $1,259 price tag, but consumers need to ask if that two-hour difference is worth the price of admission. It is worth noting that the Triton Plus is 24 pounds.

The weight is another factor. Vacuums generally range from 15 pounds to 20 pounds. This is hardly a relevant factor, excluding individuals who have a hard time picking up larger weight. The 5-pound difference would not single-handedly justify a high price tag. But, that does not stop some companies from advertising “very low-weight.”

Notably, there are some products that cost more than a $1,000. They may be worth it, but they are for specialty pools. They may be best used for pools that are right along the beach, extremely large, used in a public atmosphere, or something else similar. In general, a $5,000 pool vacuum is a bit more than what is needed. Consumers always have the option to buy what they want and what they find worthwhile. But, some products are more expensive than they have a right being.

How Much Should a swimming Pool Vacuum Really Cost?