Built around Vaastu ideologies and adopting character abundantly within its curves- is that this -rooted’ bungalow by Abin Design Studio that provides a brand new dimension to contemporary design-

Situated around the borders of Bangalore, and sans an exterior vista, is that this full-of-character bungalow having a fair mixture of wood, stone, glass along with a lush landscape. With Vaastu in position, massing is necessary with a courtyard because the fulcrum a tall built mass flanks the south finish to make sure a shaded and accessible open space although for the northern finish, a rather shorter mass by having an elongated slab instructions a definite aura.

Hooking up both built forms is really a narrow sky-lit passage, that is glazed on one for reds, as the other offers vertical fins that still make up the skylight above, supplying continuous outside sights. Water physiques and multi-level connectivity supply the right way of measuring intrigue with glass walls ushering in peaceful transparency.

Veering from the staid neutrality of umbers and crmes, yet instilling the atmosphere with understated aura, the fabric palette exudes cool charm. For example, within the diner, an exquisitely created wooden pillar holds its very own from the fluidity of transparent acrylic chairs along with a wire-frame chandelier. Sleek console tables with folk-inspired area rugs, plain and simple sofas with graphic-art printed cushions, printed MDF sections, ikat-inspired designs… not just end up being an excellent juxtaposition but additionally enhance the real essence of the house: one where old-world-charm meets contemporaneous elements.

Likewise, the staircase design increases from the solid granite base with steps created in it, as the relaxation from the flight complements it due to its plain and simple design – a good and sleek combination. Oddly enough, a bold red-colored handrail and significant sculptures add drama towards the backdrop.

Some,350 sq foot. home comes alive with water physiques, courtyards, balconies and balconies that coalesce together to produce a -soul inside the shell’ – remaining in keeping with Ar. Abin Chaudhuri’s artistic expression of architecture.

It might be appropriate to include here that Abin Design Studio may be the recent person receiving 3 exclusive worldwide honours – -The Chicago Athenaeum Person receiving Worldwide Architecture Award2015- The Planet Architecture Festival Honours – Culture, Completed Structures Category 2015- and it has been selected for -Uneven Growth’ – publication and travelling exhibition 2015 by MOMA, New You are able to.

House with Character
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