Everyone knows that Katy, TX can get very hot in the summer and this is when your air conditioning is going to fail if it has a problem. If you haven’t had your A/C unit inspected recently, then the summer may take its toll on your A/C. This is the time when it is going to fail.

One likely problem will be the evaporator coils which can become dirty, and as the dirt builds up you will loose cooling efficiency and increase your energy bill. If the coils become too dirty, the cooling capability of the A/C unit will cease. The external condenser coils must also be kept clean. The condenser coil can suck in dirt and other yard debris. This is one of the most important maintenance items.

The compressor also needs to be checked for cleanliness and removal of debris from the cage. The fan that operates with the compressor should also be checked for any dirt or required oiling.

Every electrical connection should be tightened so that wires are secure and remain operational. The thermostat has a wire that runs down to the fan control. The thermostat should be checked for accuracy so that when it is set it will make the house temperature equal the setting which is on the thermostat.

Every register should be checked for the air temperature which should be set by the thermostat. If all registers are reading incorrectly, then ether there is a problem with the unit or with the ducts. The HVAC Company in Katy Tx can solve this problem for you.

There are many issues with an older A/C unit and these will require a thorough inspection and most likely repair work. However, if the unit is generating the cooling you need, you might want to leave it alone for a while. The new units on the market will be trouble free and very energy efficient. You may want to have a cooling engineer come out and study your home to determine what kind of unit you need. They consider the direction the home faces, how much glass is in the home and what kind of insulation you have. All of this information will be very useful in recommending a unit for your home.

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