Customized Rings: The Perfect Engagement Rings There are many places where you can find beautiful engagements rings that you can fall in love with. However, there are others who wouldn’t settle for store-bought items for this special occasion but rather opt to get a custom made one from a custom jeweler who can craft a unique one for them. You simply need to inform the custom jeweler of the requirements you want for your ring, and he will be able to make it for you. If you are not able to make a sketch of it, you can look for photos or pictures in magazines or perhaps simply describe to the jeweler what you want your engagement ring to look like. If a custom jeweler is good at his trade, he will be able to give you a sketch or a computer drawing of the engagement ring you have envisioned even before starting to make it. If you really want that custom made engagement rings, here are some things that you can consider.
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You can actually copy rings worn by celebrities if you have found one that you really like. They can recreate different types of rings and sell it to your for a much lower cost. A custom jeweler can guide you with costing when it comes to the use of stones, metals, settings which you can alter to meet your budget, but will still come out an excellent reproduction of the celebrity piece.
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If you want vintage style rings, custom jewelers can also create them. Maybe bring some photos of the vintage jewelry that you want to copy so that he can have an idea of what design you want. Give the custom jeweler the details up to the smallest one so that he can create it perfectly according to what you want. Describe the filigree, engravings and settings that you have imagined in your head. All the details that you want can be combined in a single unique ring. Sometimes a jeweler may not be able to put in everything that you wish for and when that happens it is best to listen to his reason why it can’t be . If you are asking for an intricately designed ring, then you should find a custom jeweler who has computerized equipment capable of creating fine jewelry. If you have inherited family heirloom, you might want to have it reworked by a custom jeweler. If you have inherited two such rings, then you can have it reworked such that the two can be combined in a single unique piece. A custom jeweler is able to create this for you. A custom designed engagement ring needs time to create. Allow the jeweler enough time to prepared the design, order the stones and manufacture the ring.

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