A hair straightener is uniquely designed tool for styling your hair that enables you to achieve that sleek look from the salon. These tools, which are also known as flat irons, use heated plates to straighten dry hairs.

The best flat irons are those that feature sophisticated technology and are more effective than all hair straighteners. Though they are expensive going for at least $100, they last and are suitable for your hair length and type. By selecting the wrong hair straightener, you will get poor results for your hair and even affect the health of your hair. To choose the best Flat iron for your hair, consider these factors.

  • The Plate Size: choose a thick plate that is larger than 1.5 inches in size if you have thick or long hair. For short and fine hair, choose the 1 inch or a smaller plate.
  • The Plate Material: The plates of most hair straighteners are made of titanium, tourmaline, ceramic or a combination of two of them. When heated they produce negative ions which helps in smoothing and straightening the cuticles of the hair.

However, remember that both plate types are ideal for your hair type. The ceramic hair straighteners maintain heat distribution and a very high temperature that results in frizz-free and shiny locks with less damage.

Ceramic-coated plates are inexpensive compared to solid ceramic plates. They do not damage hair and aren’t prone to chipping. These types of plates are ideal for hair types that range from thick to thin tresses.

Titanium plates boast a high and consistent heat temperature. They also boast higher ion output compared to ceramic plates. This type of plate is best suited for coarse, thick and undamaged hair that is difficult to straighten.

The tourmaline plate material is a crushed precious stone which is infused into titanium or ceramic plates. The tourmaline plate reduces friction while straightening your hair which is ideal for coarse hair because it gives it a sleek look.

The temperature adjustment

Temperature controlled plates are the best to use while straightening the hair that is particularly chemically treated or damaged. Hair Breakages and splits are caused by high heat. It’s important to have a plate that has heat control.

Understanding how these hair straighteners work can help you pick the best type of flat iron that will favor your hair. To understand more, go through a pro royale hair straightener review.

Getting the Best Pro Royale Hair Straightener