How to Get Tan Without the Sun or Tanning Bed The consequences that the sun has on the body are becoming more and more apparent; with this information out there, people have been looking for alternatives to sun tanning for some time now. When self-tanners first hit the market people rushed to buy them, but if you remember they would leave your skin looking orange and not the tan you were hoping for. As time has gone on, the products have gotten better and nowadays spray tanning is the new hot trend in beauty. The newest technology is a spray tan that comes in an aerosol can. This is great because many of the lotions and pump sprays on the market will still leave you with an uneven tan if not applied correctly. Although the lotions on the market have come a long way since the introduction, many will still leave you with an undesired orange tent. If you want the best chance to get a perfect tan with no hassle then your best bet is a tanning spray that comes in an aerosol can. Spray tans in a can will save your body and skin from being exposed to harmful UV rays. If you do not trust yourself applying a spray tan you can go to a professional shop and get a quality spray tan. When you decide to do this you will need to find a shop that is reputable. In order to find the best shop you should do some research. To get the best information you should ask people that you are close to, your family and friends will be able to supply you with reliable information. The internet will be another place you will want to go for research, you will be able to view ratings and reviews for different shops, you can also compare services and prices of the shops you are interested in.
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Once you find a shop that you are comfortable going to then you will need to set up an appointment, when you call to do this you might want to ask them some questions that you might have. If you are like most people you will want to get a spray tan for a special event, if it is your first time getting one, then it is recommended that you get one done as test a month or so in advance. Spray tans work differently on different people, that is why the test run is a good option. If the results look good and you are happy with what you see then you should set up another appointment closer to the event date, if you do not like what you see then you can search for another shop.Tans – My Most Valuable Tips

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