There are a lot of fun things that we can do thanks to advances in technology, but many of them have practical uses as well. The same kinds of sensors that can be used in phones, games, and toys to detect motion in the area and to respond to it can also be used as part of a larger security system to help protect a home from intrusion. Getting a system with a motion sensor can help to ensure that your home is safe and secure whether you’re asleep in bed or out of town.

A window sensor is not actually a great choice in many homes. Modern window designs make it extremely difficult, or even impossible, to open the window from the outside. That, however, is the only thing that those sensors are designed to detect. If you want to leave a window open, for example, you have to disable that part of the system since it will only see an open window and react. On the other hand, if someone were to break the window and crawl through the hole, the frame itself wouldn’t be moving and the sensor would do nothing to alert you to the problem.

When you get a motion sensor, on the other hand, you have something that is actually designed to detect whether someone is moving around inside your home. This means that it can remain armed even if you want to leave the window open to bring in some fresh air. Modern versions are also designed to be very good at recognizing the difference between humans and pets, so that your dog and cat won’t cause false alarms by taking a walk down to the kitchen to get a drink of water in the middle of the night.

Detecting motion is a more effective strategy overall than trying to secure a home by focusing only on whether the windows have been opened or not. As you go shopping for a security system, this is one of the big features that you should focus on, particularly if you occasionally enjoy a little fresh night air.

Getting a Motion Sensor Can Improve Your Home’s Security