With the summer temperatures at their peak, it’s often a good idea for homeowners to be confident that their air conditioners are running at peak efficiency. Without a reliable air conditioner, Katy homeowners would be unable to stave off the summer heat. Having a reliable and reputable cooling and heating contractor they can rely on when they need their units serviced can often help prevent situations like this from occurring. This is why it’s important for homeowners in the Katy area to know what to look for when their units are suffering from problems that may require the assistance of an Ac Repair Company in Katy Texas.

For the most part, air conditioners are easy to diagnose when a problem occurs. Usually they will give an obvious sign that something is wrong, whether it’s a noise, leaking water, or an odd smell. Usually these signs will start to appear when something first goes wrong with the unit. Condensers start to make noises when they first start to have electrical problems, usually in the form of popping or clicking when you first start the unit up and the condenser is turned on to start cooling. They can also take longer to start when they’re suffering from a problem, which can be noticeable in the amount of clicking or popping you hear. Fans, on the other hand, often make odd noises when something is hindering them from turning. This can be anything from debris to clogs, all of which can damage the fan’s motor if it’s prevented from turning properly.

Odd smells are also a clue that something is amiss, especially if they smell like chemicals or musty. Chemical smells usually mean that the coolant lines are leaking and need to be replaced. Coolant can cause sickness in your family or animals if they have too much contact with it or ingest it in any way. Musty odors may mean that there’s a mold problem in the unit that needs to be taken care of. Mold can cause sickness as well, and is known for causing allergies to flare up in homeowners with low immune systems or allergies. Getting these situations fixed with the help of a reputable cooling and heating company is important, and should never be put off or ignored.

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