Window treatments are not just for home decoration, even though they can add elegance and appeal to any room. Windows dressings like blinds are also functional for controlling the amount of light and heat that you want in your home. This kind of window dressing comes in a variety of types and styles. One type, Roller Blinds, come in a variety of colors, materials, and features to suit your needs. The following will briefly describe the four main types of roller window blinds and how you can customize them for your home needs.

1) Block-out – This type of window treatment is known for its ability to provide you with privacy, room darkening, natural light control, and UV protection. You can leave them open for maximum natural lighting, close them for maximum privacy, or use them to darken a media room or bedroom when necessary.

2) Translucent – When you want to maintain a good level of natural lighting in a given room, whilst still achieving some semblance of privacy, translucent blinds make a good solution. These blinds are good for the living room, dining room, or any room where you want a light and airy feeling. The fabrics used for these window treatments filter light and provide UV protection.

3) Sunscreen – Sunscreen roller style blinds make use of woven fabric construction to provide UV protection while allowing for a clear view outside. Spaces where you have large windows or glass doors can benefit from this kind of an open feel.

4) Dual Roller – These kinds of blinds come in combination of two styles from the block-out, sunscreen, and translucent style blinds. These provide you with two ways to let in light and achieve the desired UV protection. Each style has its own roller so you can choose the blinds you use as you see fit.

All styles of roller style window blinds can be custom fitted and created to fit your needs so they can fit any window in your home. Hand crafted, quality blinds that can be created according to your personal preferences in color, fabric, and function give you the utmost control over your window treatments. Quality, discounted roller style blinds can be found online.

Four Types of Roller Style Window Blinds