Lamps used to run on incandescent lights. Now, LEDs are the light of choice. Not only do incandescents have a low efficiency, but they also get extremely hot to the touch. LED lights used in lamps offer four important benefits.

Longer Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of an LED is far longer than most other lighting options. While the initial purchase cost is greater, it will pay for itself overtime because of the long life it will have. Replacements will rarely have to be purchased like they used to be with incandescents and even fluorescent lighting.

Higher Efficiency

An LED offers a high efficiency. This means the amount of electricity needed to make the light run is far less than other types of lights. With a higher efficiency light used, less money will have to be spent on the electric bill.

No Warm Up Time

Older lights take a great deal of time to warm up. It often would take several minutes before the light was warm enough to actually emit the full amount of light. Before that, the light would be dimmed. LEDs require no warm up time. As soon as the lamp is switched on, the light will come on in full effect. Since these lights do not need to take time to warm up, they do not get as hot to the touch as other types of lights do.

Multiple Colors

Because of their narrowed wavelength, LEDs have an easier time emitting color. It is actually a more difficult process to get white light with an LED than it is to get a colored light. Those who want to change up their lamps with a unique color like green or red can do so easily with an LED.

Within the next few years, it is estimated that the amount of LEDs used in lamps and other sources will grow exponentially. Incandescents are being phased out altogether, with other lighting types replacing the low efficiency models. Not only do LEDs come in multiple colors, but they also provide high efficiency power and a longer life expectancy, saving buyers a great deal of money in the long run.

Four Benefits of Using LED Lights in Lamps