Many property owners feel they’re limited when it comes to flooring choices should they wish to preserve the environment. Wood flooring isn’t a good option seeing that timber will have to be chopped down and this is just one demonstration of what you must give some thought to. Carpet production methods also have led many to choose different floor choices because they want to minimize their impact on the environment. It doesn’t need to be the way it is however as Tandus ( has been working for some time now on different ways to decrease their particular impact on the planet as they produce floor coverings. How do the company proceed about doing this?

Tandus Carpet ( was the very first floor covering maker to provide vinyl-backing made entirely from reclaimed material. Owners that select this option know each time they walk on the carpet that it was made in a way designed to preserve the planet. Furthermore, Tandus Powerbond carpeting and other merchandise offered through the company are made to minimize the impact on our atmosphere. Other individuals have taken notice of this unique corporation’s dedication to this particular mission and now have honored this company for doing this. Tandus has won several environmental honors and even qualifications because of their work. Protect the planet when you purchase flooring from Tandus, knowing you’re safeguarding natural resources as you take this step.

Flooring for Individuals Worried About the Environment