How You Can Shop Online Securely Are you interested to make payments or shop online, because if you do, this article will probably be a big help to you in your online shopping. By being mindful about this, you can start to shop online without having to worry much on your security and safety of using your account and other personal info online. Better read the following lines to get started. Number 1. Shop using a credit card and not a debit card – card companies provide better support and protection on credit cards. Thus, in case that something goes wrong, the card company can easily cancel or stop the transaction within the same time period. For debit cards on the other hand, the money goes as you made your payments. Put it simply, the money you have paid is gone already even if you are protected. Number 2. Only use one card for all online shopping expenses – if you want to easily keep track of your transactions, it is preferable if you are going to use just one card, besides this let you easily check your statement.
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Number 3. Use just one computer – it is preferable to make sure that the computer you are using is password locked with regards to this matter. In the event that you are shopping often online, using the same computer with the login password enabled on it is a must. It is not only intended for your security purposes from unwary users but it acts as a protection from viruses at the same time.
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Number 4. Use new opened browsers for all your online payments and shopping – be sure that you’ve closed the windows and browsers after you buy online and just open a new one for another transaction. Not only that, do not try opening several tabs for surfing and shopping. Number 5. Close the browser after you have made your purchase – make sure that you close the browser and open it again even if you have to surf the web afterwards. As if you may notice, even banks ask you to close the window after you log out. Browsers are using cookies; these are programs that are known to store your info. Reliable and dependable online shopping websites are deleting sensitive security info on closing the browser though some unimportant personal information can be retained. Number 6. Don’t click on links in your emails – remember not to click the links on your email even if came from someone you know. Since you don’t know what it can possibly be, it might be a source of Trojans or virus and thus, your PC may be at risk.

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