Considerations for the Design of Parking Decals Custom parking decals are an important item for a company as it regulates the people who have access to a company’s parking area or entry into the company’s premises. In order for you to have successful access control, you should have beautiful and quality decals made for your company. The display and design on these decals is a crucial thing to consider. You should have strong logos, crafty colors, fonts and images. Unique special effects and shapes will help catch the eye. Experimenting with round corners and shape die cut is something that you should do. Addition of special effects such as embossing and foil-stamping will create distinctive hang decals that will be suitable for your brand and product theme. You should ensure that your design takes into consideration how the custom parking decals are going to work with the image.
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On of the important features when it comes to design is the thickness and finish of the paper that you have used for you hang decals. Choose heavy paper stock for durability. In order for you to get a look that is both smooth and sophisticated, you should go for paper that has a coated gloss or matte. For you to get a feel that is casual or natural, you should go for untextured or uncoated finishes on the paper.
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The size of the drill holes is going to be determined by the look of the custom parking decals. 1/8″ drill holes are best when used with the thin plastic fasteners. However, when you are using thicker plastic, you should ensure that you go for bugger drill holes for more space, such as the 1/4″ drill holes. You should plan the hole’s location with the parking hang tag design to come up with a creative look. You should ensure that you know the type of material you want to use once you have known the size of the holes. You should ask yourself the length, color and material you should use. The manner in which you will apply the tag to the cars and the way in which it will interfere with the visibility of the tag are some of the factors that will determine the kind of hang material you will use. Your custom parking decals should have a design that creates sufficient space for the name of the company. Ensure that you look for a printing company that is going to provide you with the work that you need in order for you to get your decals printed. You will be in a position to know the people that are getting into your premises when you have these decals. While some people might think that parking decals do not have any impact on the image of their company, they actually do since they represent the image of the company.

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