The easiest way to create an elegant or cozy ambiance in any home is to light a candle. This small, simple item is the perfect addition to any rustic country kitchen or any formal dinner party. Very few products have the range of use that candles do, whether it is for aromatherapy while soaking in the tub or just to have a handy light source when the power goes out. People rarely have just one candle in their home because there are so many wonderfully scented and beautiful options, it is almost impossible to resist them.

There have been a lot of concerns lately about the safety of scented candles. Many candles are made from paraffin, a petroleum by-product. This type of wax has been proven in scientific studies to contain known carcinogens. As the wax melts, these dangerous chemicals are released into the air. In addition, they are often scented with additional chemicals and even have wicks that are chemically laced or may even include lead.

All of this concern has left the candle fan looking for what are the best scented candles. This means finding the candles that will still provide the alluring scents people love but not release the dangerous chemicals or produce the heavy black soot some have been notorious for creating. Luckily finding healthier and safer products is now possible.

All-natural, clean burning candles are now available and they are as warm and soothing and smell just as lovely as their predecessors. Safe candle wax can be either one of two products, soy or beeswax. Palm oil candles are available as well, but they rely on harvesting in rain forests so many are choosing to avoid this option. These natural waxes can be scented, but must only be done with essential oils to be safe. Essential oils make them the perfect aromatherapy candles because many of these oils have already been proven to be relaxing and rejuvenating.

Carefully made candles, the ones that are truly the best, will also only use all cotton wicks that are not paraffin coated. This combination of natural products creates an amazing finished product that will produce a scent that is more accurate than the manufactured scents and longer lasting as well.

Finding a Safer Scented Candle