Guidelines on How to Save Wedding Money
You should ask yourself why you want to do the wedding.There exist some people who just wed to show people how wealthy they are, while there are others who just want to bond with their partners.This is due to the fact that, most people look at the financial aspects of weddings rather than the wedding itself.It is possible to do a cheap yet perfect wedding in a social hall with the right people, and it will be more fun and you will have a greater sense of fulfillment than an extravagant wedding.A wedding should be your day to enjoy with your partner and not a show-off to irrelevant persons.The following are the ways in which you can make some savings on your wedding.
You must consider the date of your wedding because it will directly affect the amount of money you will spend.Most people have a preference on some days because they deem them to be appropriate for them to attend.By choosing a date that is odd for many people, it will mean that few people will attend hence less costly.You can save some money if you set the date of your wedding to be on a weekday and not on a weekend as preferred by many people.You should also establish some tasks that you can do by yourself, or those that your family and friends can help you with.In so doing, you will not spend much money in hiring people to do that work.For example, instead of hiring a florist to do the flower selection for your wedding and you are passionate about it, you can do it yourself.You will also give your wedding some personal touch as opposed to allowing someone else to do the flowering.
The attendees can as well be brought in to help by involving them in some basic duties like distributing utensils, etc.Since you are not going to pay those people to do this service, you will save a lot of money in the process, while getting the job done within a short time.If you involve them properly without making them feel compelled, they will feel more connected to each other and become a huge family.You can also look for a place that can accommodate large crowds mostly in the open space.This is because, you are likely to spend a lot of money in the booking of a hotel and church where the party and the wedding will be held respectively.You will save a lot of money if your wedding and after-party can be held at the same place because people will not have to travel from the wedding venue to the party venue.Drastic weather changes can impact the wedding greatly, if you didn’t factor in this aspect earlier.

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