Custom Patches – Which Company to Commission

There are plenty of companies on the web that advertise custom embroidery services, although only very few of them can actually deliver what they claim. If you’re searching for woven patches, custom patches, or any other embroidered emblem, then it’s best to do some research to learn more and locate a company that provides the most excellent quality patches at a most affordable price.

For starters, try to visit your chosen company’s website. Check if you can discover the number of years that the company has been in the business of embroidery. Be careful of a company that doesn’t list its phone number as you would want to have the opportunity to talk to some trained sales representative ahead of placing your order.

Whenever a salesperson becomes available for you, double-check to ensure that whatever special sales and deals found on their online site are still valid at that moment as well as any restrictions (for instance, minimum order) that they come with.

A price list should also be made available by companies anywhere in their website. Check with the salesperson to discover more about their price warranties and if they honor coupons and/or codes of competitors.

Most reputable custom patch companies do match or even beat a rival offer as long as the customer can present that offer in written form. Rush orders are generally priced more than being advertised so you will have to immediately inform the sales guy in case you need the patches by a particular date.

Another way of to find out whether or not an embroidery business is reputable is to discover if any large institution or groups have officially accredited them to put together their patches or emblems.

These organizations only allow a company they have duly licensed to display their logo on the embroidery company’s website and marketing media. Established organization are very meticulous when it comes to working with other companies, so an endorsement from these organizations is a positive sign.

Finally, go to the company’s gallery area and view here the patches that they have displayed there. A company with tiny, if not poor quality images on its website is likely trying to hide that these patches and emblems are really of poor quality.

Whether you are thinking about submitting your own work of art or not, go with a company that has its own “in-house” designers.

The reason is that things are going to be a lot easier as well as turnaround time sooner in case some last minute modifications are needed. It the company does not hire its own designers because it is costly for them, you would not want them to be designing the patch on your behalf.

Figuring Out Patches