For several decades in this country we mistakenly believed that infestations by bedbugs were a thing of the past, never to be dealt with again. Since we were so certain of that fact, we got complacent and stopped taking precautions to prevent these pests. Because of that, bedbugs have staged an incredible resurgence and once again we have to go to war against these parasites. Professional exterminators can provide chemical-based treatments, but of course, along with those pesticides come the dangers associated with them, and the extra precautions that have to be taken. Bedding, clothing, furniture, and electronics have to be protected from the effects of these chemicals. The after-effects of pesticides have to be considered, too, like the odor, residue, and toxicity which can cause health issues in children and pets. There are better methods of dealing with bedbug infestations than with traditional pesticides; methods that can be just as effective, environmentally safer, and don’t require any extraordinary precautions for your belongings.

Part of the challenge of dealing with bedbugs is that there are a number of ways that they can make their way into your home without you even knowing it. They can be introduced by stowing away in luggage, hitching a ride in packages delivered to your home, and most unfortunately of all, they can be living inside that new mattress and box spring set you just had delivered. Once they have a safe place to nest and a host to feed off of, they can multiply exponentially, spreading throughout your home, causing skin rashes from their bites and triggering allergic reactions. Once their presence is discovered, there is also a certain unpleasant psychological reaction, too.

If you decide to consult an exterminator to take care of your problem, be aware of the possibly toxic footprint they leave behind. If, however, you decide to tackle the issue yourself, you should know that you can use a much more environmentally-friendly solution. An effective combination of all-natural ingredients including mint and clove oils can get the job done just as effectively as any expensive and dangerous pesticide, and it is perfectly safe for use around your family and pets. In fact it is so safe that the EPA has granted it exemption from pesticide regulations. The process for ridding your home of bedbugs couldn’t be easier with this product; it entails aiming and spraying. To learn more about this substance, visit

Fight Bedbugs the Cheaper, More Environmentally Safe Way