High-quality wedge door stops keep doors propped open so they don’t close due to breezes from windows or for any other unintentional reason. In some houses, the foundation has settled just enough so that a door or two slowly swings to the closed position all by itself, even if it doesn’t latch. Sometimes people want to prop a door open just a little bit. For instance, they might want to leave a bedroom door open six inches to allow a pet cat to go in and out during the night.

Black rubber door stops are unobtrusive; they aren’t very noticeable since most of the item is nestled under the door, so they easily fit into any decor. They can’t scratch hard-surface floors and they also are suitable for carpeted areas.

Without door stops, how do people keep the doors open that otherwise would slam shut in a breeze or drift toward a closed position simply because of the way the house sits on the land? They have to use things that are more obvious visually, most of which aren’t meant to function as door stops. They might prop a book against a door, for example, or put a shoe there.

If they don’t bother, little kids can slam doors closed and disturb other people in the home. If doorknobs have childproof guards attached, a toddler won’t be able to get that door open again. In addition, a door that swings closed all by itself can trap a cat or dog snoozing in the room until a human companion lets it out.

Considering how nice rubber wedge door stops look, and how affordable and functional they are, it’s no wonder that so many people pick up a pack of these items and find several places to put them around the house. Perhaps the only potential problem is if the house cat decides the door stop looks like an appealing cat toy. Providing more toys for the cat should solve that issue. One of the top tips posted online by buyers of these products is to eliminate any rubber smell by opening the package and letting the items sit out in the air for a few days.

Door Stops Make Life More Convenient for Everyone in the Home