The Importance of Regular Air Duct Cleaning One of your responsibilities as a homeowner is taking proactive measures to maintain good indoor air. And this requires proper air duct maintenance. Air ducts are passageways of warm or cool air that is distributed in your home. They suck up air from your space with a regulator and filter, cool or heat it, and then send it back at your desired temperature. This process can be easily taken for granted, but when we are exposed to contaminated air, the risks can run high. This makes annual duct cleaning very important, if only to help maintain good health in the family. Dirt, grime and dust usually accumulate in significant amounts in unclean ducts. When these pollutants remain in the ducts for a long period, they can affect air flow. They don’t only decrease the quality of your indoor air but its quantity as well. With periodic cleaning, the air you breathe will be healthier and your heating and cooling bills will be lower due to better airflow. If your home has high moisture, another major problem you can have with unclean air ducts is the growth of mold. As you know, mold, when breathed into your body, can cause serious health complications. That’s why you have to call in experts to free your air of these fungi. The cleaning job will be relatively easier if you have metal ducts. If you have plastic ducts, the task may be more difficult as mold has the tendency to cling to plastic.
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Of course, if you hire an air duct cleaner, they will not only take out the mold but also all the other particles that are not supposed to be there. These probably include insect droppings, allergens, even grease and plenty of other contaminants. This is stuff you don’t want your family breathing in.
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While your air duct guys clean out your ducts, they will also inspect for cracks or tears. All air ducts should have no holes where air can leak out. This allows for efficiency in the HVAC process. If there are tears and cracks, they must be repaired immediately so you can have better air quality and lower utility bills too. So ensure that you have your ducts cleaned yearly at least to avoid any airborne problems. One of the keys to successful air duct cleaning is choosing the right service provider. There will be many out there, but you have to make a wise choice. Seek referrals from friends or family members. List at least two or three names of companies and give them a call each. Know their services and costs and make reasonable comparisons. This makes it easier for you to know which one is actually the best.

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