You can take good care of your teeth all of your life and still end up with yellowed teeth. This may be caused by medications, disease, heredity, or age. However, home teeth whitening kits offered by companies like The Teeth Whitening Company can take years off of your appearance and create a dazzling smile.

Home Teeth Whitening Is Economical

Your dentist can whiten your teeth, which is a good choice if you want a supervised process. However professional whitening is not cheap. A single visit can cost between $200 and $300 and you will normally need several treatments to get the results you want. The process will need to be repeated about once a year to keep your teeth white. In contrast, home kits cost a fraction of what dentists charge. Some, such as kits provided by The Teeth Whitening Company, offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you do not like your results.

Home Teeth Whitening Options Vary

Dozens of drugstores, supermarkets, and online companies offer whitening products. Some work when you apply strips to your teeth and leave them on for a specific period of time. The process is repeated until you like the results. Other products use gel-filled trays that you place in your mouth. They are often very effective although some people are uncomfortable with trays. You can use the products on your own or ask your dentist to monitor the results. However, many people like the fact that home kits allow them to determine their level of whitening and eliminate the need to make inconvenient dental appointments. You can whiten when it is convenient for you.

Home Kits Are High Tech

The competition among manufacturers of home whitening products has resulted in products that include the latest scientific advances. They often use the same compounds that dentists do and are very safe when used according to directions. Some contain nourishing fluoride, Aloe Vera and calcium.

Scientific developments in home teeth whitening have resulted in dozens of effective products. They cost a fraction of what dentists charge and are convenient to use. Many offer professional-level results, are safe, and can even nourish teeth.

Discolored Teeth? Consider Home Teeth Whitening Kits