Many cities face land scarcity issues and as a result, sizes of homes have been shrinking. Many homeowners may encounter problems and constraints designing their small bathrooms. Contrary to common misconceptions that it is challenging to come up with the design for small bathrooms, one should not be limited by the size. Do not despair if you are stick with a tiny bathroom. The design possibilities are infinite with these creative design ideas.

To increase the perception of space, one of the best tricks is to keep everything cornered. Many bathroom designers recognize the space constraints of city dwellers and came up with many storage units and shelving that could fit into corners. Corners can provide extra inches, providing you the platform to enjoy innovation design solutions. Another way for more space in the bathroom is to downsize the toilet. With the advancements in technology and designs, one can consider changing the old toilet design to elongated compact model. It provides the same level of comfort and yet allows more room for you to move around in the bathroom.

It is recommended to stick with solid colors when you have a small bathroom. Complicated designs and patterns can overwhelm and shrink the existing space. Natural and lighter tones are generally preferred as they lend a more spacious feel for the bathroom. For homeowners who prefer some splash of colors, stick to playing with textures of the materials. Another space saving method is to streamline the shower. One can selecting sliding shower doors so that there is little room needed for clearance of door.

There is no limit to the design possibilities when it comes to a small bathroom. There are many bathroom vanities that are specially catered for small bathrooms. One will only need to search for best 20 inch bathroom vanities to find the ideal ones for your bathroom. When in doubt, seek the help of professional expertise in design solutions and ideas. Engage an experienced contractor who has good track records in dealing with tight bathroom spaces. Spend some time and effort to come out with the layout of your bathroom before you start to purchase the bathroom accessories.

Design Tips for Small Bathrooms