Whatever your reasons may be for shopping for a new garage door, you should consider your choices carefully since that door may have a sizable effect on the overall appearance of your entire home. In many instances, garage doors account for close to half of a home’s facade, so keep that in mind. Above and beyond changing the appearance of your home, garage doors serve a number of purposes, not the least of which is providing protection from the elements for your vehicles and any belongings you may have stored in your garage. If your garage is attached to your home with a connecting door, that garage door is also an important part of your home’s security. If your garage has rooms above it, that door can also have a direct bearing on your heating and cooling costs.

You’ll find there are a few basic types of garage doors for you to choose from, depending on the style of your home. You can select a one-piece, roll-up, carriage house, or sectional door, and you can pick the material you think will work best for your needs from steel, aluminum, copper, fiberglass, and wood. When you’re making your decision regarding material, keep in mind both its durability and the amount of maintenance it may require. You will also get to decide if you want a door that opens and closes manually or one that operates electrically, and whether or not you will want to add another layer of security with special locks or keypads.

Insulation is another consideration when you’re looking at garage doors. Again, if your garage is attached, or if there are rooms above it, the insulation factor can play a big role in comfort and costs. The insulation is also tied directly to the wind-loading rating of your garage door with the more heavily-insulated doors standing up to higher winds. Some doors are rated as high as 110 miles per hour.

When you have selected the garage door you feel will look the best and be the most practical for your needs, make certain the installation is actually performed by an experienced professional garage door specialist. With heavy-duty torsion springs and large, heavy panels, this is not a job for do-it-yourselfers.

Considering a New Garage Door? Consider These Pointers