Many people are putting carpeting down in homes, even if they have beautiful hardwood. Often they do this because extra padding is needed for young children or the elderly. Carpeting adds warmth for those who live in cold climates, and can instantly change the look of a room. However, the first thing you will notice when you begin to compare flooring is the wide Carpet Range & Pricing options. You can narrow down your search by matching your needs to the various styles. Websites such as Hints and Things offer a simple comparison, and options that include:

LOOP PILE/BERBER: If you are interested in carpeting your recreation areas, back porch, playroom, or any high-traffic area, Berber is an excellent choice. Available in dozens of colors, this all-purpose fiber is made from looped-pile materials and is hard wearing. You will notice that it consists of a heavy yarn, which can vary in size from carpet to carpet. Some loops are uniform, while others are more textured. Different styles can be combined to create a unique look. Berber is also budget friendly.

VELVET PILE: When you want beautiful flooring in a living area, bedroom, or any place that demands soft, silky flooring, velvet pile carpets are ideal. The materials are fairly expensive, but provide an elegant cut and feel. They provide a luxurious, charm, and are a high grade choice.

TWIST/CUT PILE: Many homeowners choose affordable cut pile carpeting when they want easy-maintenance, attractive flooring that holds up well. The carpet includes yarn that has been twisted, giving it a mottled texture that is available in many colors.

SHAG: When cut pile carpeting uses extended tufts, the result is called shag. This fluffy style was popular in the seventies, and is making a comeback. The retro flooring is available in many colors and provides a comfortable, luxury surface. It is fairly economical and is great for bedrooms and areas where soft floors are needed.

Homeowners often choose to carpet floors when they need extra cushioning or want to add style. Fortunately, it is easy to evaluate the available options online, at sites such as Hints and Things, which compare carpet types and costs.

Carpeting is a Bargain When You Match it to Your Needs