When to Call Upon a Criminal Defense Lawyer When you’re accused of crime, you need to find a competent criminal defense lawyer as soon as you can. A criminal defense attorney focuses on defending suspects and can either work from a private practice or become a public defender. A public defender is appointed by the court and works for a governmental agency. It’s every citizen’s constitutional right to receive legal representation even if their budget cannot allow it. That’s where one requires a public defender. Private practice may include small firms with one or two attorneys or large firms with multiple attorneys. There’s a wide variety of crimes one may face that will necessitate the use of a DUI or drug possession or criminal defense attorney. Examples of offenses can include : Assault
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This is when an individual physically strikes or attacks another person. An assault could be potentially serious if it includes a lethal weapon such as a rock, knife, firearm, or anything else that might seriously injure a person.
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Break-in This is when someone robs a business premises or home when nobody is around. It doesn’t necessarily include a break-in. It might include entering a home via an unlocked door with an aim of stealing or perpetrating other illegal acts. White -collar crimes These crimes typically involve the use of computers or paperwork. Examples are credit card theft, money laundering, extortion, keeping falsified financial books, pyramid schemes, tax fraud, security fraud and so on. Drug-related crimes Manufacturing, transporting, and selling of illegal drugs are issues that need the advice, representation, and protection of an attorney. The consequences and penalties of these crimes will be determined by the amount and kind of drug. As marijuana is now legitimate for medical purposes in some states, marijuana-related laws have significantly changed. State regulations are different from federal laws, making the issue far more complex. Murder Homicide involves murder that was intentionally done as well as accidental murder. Vehicular murder involves death caused by another person’s recklessness in an accident. Robbery Unlike burglary, robbery is stealing that happens right in front of people. A robbery may be armed or non-armed. Damage of property Damage of property includes breaking, damaging, or defacing things in some way. An example of property damage is graffiti. DWI Driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs is an offense which needs the help of a criminal defense lawyer. One may think that driving under the influence is not that big of a deal but it’s a crime. Driving while intoxicated or drunk can potentially cause damage to property, homicide, and assault. It is a grave offense. A criminal defense attorney makes all the difference between someone getting freed and being jailed. If you’re accused of committing a crime, you need to find a competent criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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