When it comes to pillows, there are more than a few options “out there.” In fact, there are so many different types that the shopping experience can be somewhat overwhelming. Down, microbead, water, memory foam – the list goes on and on. The truth of the matter is that there’s no one, single type of pillow that is going to work for everyone. The good news is, a person has choices.

While there is a wide array of pillow options out there, one that many people overlook is goose down pillows. These offer many benefits, with some of the most appealing found here.

What is a Down Pillow?

Before diving into the benefits of down pillows, it’s important to know exactly what these are made of. The undercoating of a goose’s features is referred to as the down. Authentic down is able to hold its loft as much as three times longer than the synthetic alternatives. It is also extremely soft.

Real down pillows only contain down. This means there won’t be any features. Be sure to look for this if this is the type of pillow desired.

Now, to discuss the benefits.

Malleable and Moldable

Most down pillows (well, quality options) are designed to hold its shape. They will offer great support for the head and neck and resist the “squishing” effect that other pillows experience over time.

Light and Cuddly

Modern down pillows are going to be extremely light. After all, heavy features aren’t going to work well for flying! Down is also soft. This means the pillow is comfortable while being supportive.

There are different qualities of down. It’s important to remember this when shopping for this type of pillow. If a high-quality option is purchased, a person can expect to see these benefits, among others.

Don’t ignore the benefits offered by having a quality pillow to sleep on. In the long run, this can help a person get a great night’s sleep and avoid stiff necks and other aches and pains that often accompany sub-par bedding. Be sure to do plenty of research ahead of time to ensure that the right down pillow is purchased.

Benefits Offered by Goose Down Pillows