Now that the business is doing so well, the time has come to expand the operation. The problem is that the current building does not have any room to accommodate more employees and more equipment. This means the current building must be sold and a larger facility obtained. Before placing the building on the market, it pays to have an expert in atlanta commercial roof repair check the condition of the roof.

Undergoing a Roofing Analysis

A building that is in great shape is much more likely to attract potential buyers. Along with paying attention to the condition of the walls, the plumbing, and the wiring, it also pays to devote some attention to the roof. This is where the concept of a roof analysis comes into play.

The right contractor will conduct a thorough inspection of the roof and determine if there is anything that needs repairs at the present time. The inspection will not focus solely on the top side of the roof. That expert will also want to check what is happening with the support joists and the underlying area as well. The goal is to determine if the overall condition of the roof and project how long it will last before some type of extensive repairs or a full replacement becomes necessary.

Why an Analysis?

Having the analysis conducted makes it possible to determine if there are any major issues that need repair before the building is placed on the market. Even if everything is fine, having the analysis conducted by a properly certified and licensed professional will provide proof to potential buyers that the roof is sturdy and is not likely to require repairs in the near future. That in turn makes it possible to command a higher asking price for the facility.

Remember that while may company owners are looking for places to set up shop, they are much less likely to invest in buildings that need a great deal of repairs. Assessing the condition of the roof and taking care of any necessary repairs will make the building a practical purchase for the right buyer. As a bonus, making those repairs will typically lead to a sale sooner rather than later. That in turn will help to generate the funds needed to purchase that larger building for the expanding business operation.

Atlanta Commercial Roof Repair and Selling the Building