Propane furnace is a great way of supplying heat in a house. It has very long life expectance, they are energy efficient and relatively easy to maintain and care. This is likely to save the owner a lot of money especially in the long run. When purchasing propane furnace, gather relevant facts and tips about their different types so as to get the best propane furnace that fits your needs and affordable. There three types of propane furnace; central propane furnace, wall propane furnace and combination propane furnace. Central propane is the most preferred because it is fuel efficient but it is not ideal for all types of homes.

Propane furnace can is easily be operated by the use of the switch or remote. However, it is very important to note that these furnaces are very versatile such that they can be vented horizontally or vertically eliminating the need of the chimney. Its exhaust is cooler hence can be directed through PVC and this can save room and money. This characteristic of being versatile has made the furnace very popular among people in the whole world.

Other Gas and Propane Products

In addition to furnaces, other propane and natural gas products exist, such as tankless hot water heaters. These heat the water on demand at a much faster rate than electric water heaters. Although they may be slightly more expensive initially, they tend to be more energy-efficient and carry lower ongoing operation costs. These units are typically available in hardware stores and local heating and cooling companies, who take care of installation as well.


Cost effective-the cost of propane is very low compared to other sources. In fact, the price of electricity is almost twice the price of propane. This makes it affordable to so many people.

Another benefit is that propane furnace can heat home even when there is no power. This is because it is not fueled by electricity.

The third benefit is that propane furnace can deliver warm air at high temperatures.

The last benefit of propane furnace is that it can heat water more quickly as compared to electricity. It can also be considered to be environmental friendly.

In case you have never used propane furnace before, it is very crucial to check whether there propane suppliers in your area. Another thing to consider is the installation cost of the furnace. As much as it may be cost effective in the long run, installation cost may make it appear expensive in the short run. However, there some subsidies offered by different suppliers which may reduce this burden. Central propane furnace are the most efficient but not applicable when heating mobile or small homes. In such a case, wall furnace becomes the best.

Ideally, any furnace must be able to properly work with building’s current pipes. This saves materials, money and labor.

An Overview of Residential Propane Heating and Cooling Systems