Many parents wish that their children would be more active outdoors instead of playing video games all of the time. When a birthday or special occasion comes up, they look for a gift that will help to keep them active. Many are very excited about the crazy cart by razor. It is a go cart that is specially made for children and it can provide hours of fun. The guideline manual states that is made for children age 9 and up and it can easily handle a maximum weight of 140 pounds. This is a fun toy that will keep children outdoors and more active.

The crazy cart is a bit different than a traditional go cart because it is designed to drift. The unique drift system allows the driver to change the angle of the rear caster. This allows them to drift in many different directions including backwards, diagonally, sideways and forward. They will also have a 360 degree steering angle which gives them the ability to handle tight turns. One can control the speed by pressing the foot pedal and it can go as fast as 12 miles per hour. It also features anti-tip wheels.

It comes with 2 12V rechargeable batteries that offer 40 minutes of continuous use. You have to charge it before the 1st use and it will take about 12 hours. It is important not to charge it for longer than 24 hours. The battery will last for about 250 charge cycles. It is a good idea that your child wear a helmet for added safety. They should also wear long pants and athletic shoes and knee and elbow pads are also a great idea which provide additional safety.

This is a fantastic gift idea and one that your child will absolutely love. It is a great way to get them outdoors much more often and it includes a lot of safety features as well. Any child would be thrilled with a gift such as this. It is something that they can get a lot of use out of and it will provide them with hours of fun.

An Excellent Gift For Kids