When senior citizens are ready to retire and pursue their dream of moving to Florida, they have several options for independent and active senior living. For instance, they can move to an apartment in a senior community; an advantage of this would be the low-maintenance aspect of not taking care of a house anymore. Florida also is home to senior communities of manufactured housing, typically in double-wide version on a standard-sized lot. Each individual or couple owns the home instead of renting an apartment. A third option would be to buy a frame-built house in a senior community. Buying one of the Solivita model homes is an example of this opportunity. This planned community offers all the advantages of the neighborhood of manufactured homes but with higher-quality houses and significantly more amenities.

One advantage the manufactured housing community has is the affordability of the residences. That’s because these buildings technically are mobile homes, although it is rare for anyone to ever move one after it’s been set up on the lot. In contrast, frame-built houses in a community like Solivita feature distinctive designs from award-winning contractor AV Homes. The gated community is established on more than 4,000 acres that include golf courses, tennis courts and plenty of areas for walking and biking. It’s like living in a resort that’s a short drive to Orlando and other area cities.

Model homes in this community offer the chance for prospective residents to move into a brand new house immediately. The contractor builds some homes on spec that can be viewed in person or through a virtual online tour. When someone decides to buy one of these houses, there’s no waiting for current residents to move out, and no long wait involved in having a brand new home constructed in the neighborhood. Many floor plans are available, so people are not pigeonholed into a certain design that may not be entirely suitable. If the real estate shoppers want to expand their search, they can also view houses that have been resided in but are exceptionally well-maintained. Sometimes people fall in love with one of these homes and are glad they were flexible in their real estate search.

Advantages of Choosing Solivita Model Homes for Active Retirement Living